COCDC Honorees

I don’t think there are many dancers, callers or cuers in Ohio that do not know Paulette Henry. She is a force when it comes to promoting square and round dancing. It’s a rare occasion when I do not see her at a central Ohio dance no matter what day of the week it is. Most always making announcements to promote a special dance event in our area.

Paulette has been square dancing for 14 years and round dancing for almost as long. Through these years her accomplishments have been many. She has been an angel for 13 years for multiple clubs and served on the board of these clubs for many years in many positions. She has served as council delegate for both round and square dance clubs and is currently serving as Secretary to our Central Ohio Council. Paulette has served on several committees for the State Conventions, including 2016, and for our convention this year -2023 and the National convention in 2017. She travels throughout the state and several other states promoting our State Convention. She’s also attended 6 National Square dance conventions. Through all her travels she earned a State Friendship dangle – attending dances in all 6 federation areas in Ohio. Because of all her traveling you can guess that she has been banner chair for many years for multiple clubs as well. Racking up over 300 banner raids over the years!

If there is a dance demonstration happening that Council or a club is sponsoring, you can count on Paulette to show up to help – encouraging onlookers to try it out.

Besides enjoying round dancing, Paulette also enjoys advance dancing and was co-founder of Buckeye A2s. She’s been instrumental in scheduling national callers in our area and enjoys promoting advance dancing.

Paulette has been a key factor in the smooth transition of Hi-Timers going from a square / rounds club to an all-rounds club in 2022. She currently serves as Treasurer; Secretary, making sure the dances run smoothly and keeping the club members informed of changes and activities. She serves as Hi-timers Council delegate keeping the club informed of council activities and business. Because Paulette works at the check-in table, pays the rent, unlocks the church and is liaison between the club and the church, we are able to come teach, and cue dancers can enjoy dancing without worrying about anything else. We would not have a smoothly run club without her. Because of all these reasons, we proudly
nominate Paulette Henry as our Honoree Candidate.

Terri and Jeff started square dancing in 2010, and round dancing in 2011. Although they belonged to another club, they also joined Dixie Squares in 2014, as our low membership was putting the club in jeopardy. Terri took over the Treasurer position at that time and has continued to serve as our club Treasurer. They have helped our ciub in all capacities regarding greeters, kitchen, set up and clean up. Terri also put together large feod gift baskets for our Adopted Family service project in 2015 & 2016.

They have participated in about 90% of our club’s banner activities as well as over 500 for the Johnny Appleseeds.

Terri is a COCDC representative for Dixie Squares starting in 2016. Terri was elected as the COCDC Council Secretary in 2017 and still continues to serve in that capacity. Terri chairs the COCDC’s recycling square dance clothing saie for COCDC’s special charity dances. She serves on the following COCDC’s committees: Constitution & By-Laws, Website, Marketing/Recruitment & Convention. Terri became a State Corp. representative for COCDC in 2018.

Terri & Jeff have been attending the Ohio Convention since 2012. They have attended state conventions in West Virginia, Tennessee, and Michigan. They have also attended 4 National Conventions in Arkansas 2015, Massachusetts 2016, Ohio 2017 & Atlanta 2019. They attended the Canadian Nationa! Convention in 2018. They have danced at several of the Knoxville Square Tennessee, The Little T’ Tennessee, Cincinnati, Ohio & Memphis, Tennessee dances.

Terri was the Fundraising Chairperson for the 2016 Ohio Dance Convention. She was the Assistant Publicity Chairman of the 2017 National Square Dance Convention. Terri & Jeff are the General Chairs of the 2023 Ohio Dance Convention.

They are currently members of the Dixie Squares, Johnny Appleseeds and were members of the Capital City rounds.

They enjoy attending special dances and dance weekends. Brokenstraw 2018, Ketterington 2017 & 2018, Dick Mackey’s, Danny Beck’s and Bob Daye’s caller recognition dances. Millersburg weekend 2013-2017, Marietta weekend 2012- present, General Butier Weekend 2016.

They have participated in many demo’s for the Johnny Appleseeds, Little Brown Jugs, & Westerville Promenaders

Terri has angel-ed for the Little Brown Jugs for 9 years, Johnny Appleseeds, Westerville Promenaders, IC Rounds, and Dixie Squares. They attend lessons and dances 3-4 times a week.

Gary graduated from his first square dance class in 1963 in France with his sister, Charlotte, as his partner. After college and serving in the Navy, he began dancing again in 1974. That same year Patti started taking lessons with her sister at Family Ties. They were angels for 1 year inviting their brother to join them. Unfortunately, due to her work schedule, Patti had to drop out of dancing. 40 years later Patti inquired about square dance lessons and was the only graduate in 2015 from Bucks & Does. She was also a member of Orbiting Squares.

In 1978 Gary taught his first class and founded his first club in Nashville. While in Nashville he recorded on 3 record labels. He was the club caller and class instructor for 10 different clubs in TN over a 30 yr. period. He’s also been the club caller & class instructor for Hi-Timers and Friendly Ties in Central Ohio as well as 5 clubs in the Miami Valley Council. He has called at every club in the Central Ohio and Miami Valley Councils and Hoots Camping club. Patti helps with equipment and supports Gary in his class instruction and calling schedule. She has also joined Gary with his singing calls. Students love his instruction and appreciate that he and Patti make dancing fun. When not calling, you will see Gary and Patti on the dance floor supporting local dances and helping students. Patti also is learning the “boy” part during class instruction.

Gary and Patti have participated in numerous banner activities for Friendly Ties. They also help with set up and tear down at the dances and class. They try to support all facets of the square dance community so it will thrive and be successful.

Gary has held various positions of leadership in the Nashville area Callers Assoc., Miami Valley Caller’s Assoc., the American Callers Assoc., and the Central Ohio Caller’s assoc. Patti helps with meeting preparation and room reservations for these meetings.

Gary has attended and called at many State Conventions including Alabama, Georgia, Hawaii, (which included a cruise) Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, WV, & Ohio. He’s also attended and called at several National Conventions, including in Alabama, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin; TN. Patti has accompanied him on many of these conventions. While attending these conventions he served on Education panels, helping to recruit new dancers and teaching ways to make square dancing fun. Gary and Patti have had the opportunity to promote square dancing by calling at many demonstrations such as the Fairborn Sweet Corn Festival, First Friday Street Fair in Delaware, and the 2018 Ohio State Fair. He also calls for and supports benefit dances, raising money for various organizations and causes such as the Toys for Tots, Gahanna church defibrillator and Mid Ohio Valley Stampede and Old Fashioned Christmas dance. Gary and Patti also enjoy one-night parties and not only teach square dancing but also line dancing in order to get everyone involved.

With over 40 years of calling and dancing, Gary and Patti are great ambassadors for this activity and because of this they are our 2019 Honoree Couple.

Bob and Karolyn took lessons from the late Hugh Johnston, through the Westerville Promenaders in 1994-95. Joining the club in the spring of 1995. They have been instrumental in the leadership and success of the club in their 23 years of membership, serving as officers many times which include, President, VP, Secretary and Banner Chair.

Bob has served on the Auditing and Nominating Committees several times and they have participated in over 200 banner activities for the club and are famous for planning “mystery dance trips” to places unknown. They are also known for their organization and participation of many holiday parade events promoting square dancing Bob and Karolyn have been Lesson Coordinators for several years running. They very seldom miss lessons and keep all lesson attendance data and statistics. . They also represent Westerville Promenaders at the Westerville Community Council.

The Smiths have pushed themselves to learn more about dancing to become better dancers and have taken round dance lessons and line dancing. Initially they were instrumental in getting round dancing introduced as a part of the Westerville Promenaders regular dances.

Bob and Karolyn served as chairmen of the Burr Oak Weekends when the event was under the direction of Westerville and served as co-chairs of entertainment at the Marietta Weekends.

The Smiths have also served as COCDC representatives and helped COCDC promote square dancing by participating in many activities including demos at the Arts Festival as well as working at the Lemonade stand. They also participated in State Fair demos throughout the years as well as judging 4H square dancing at the State Fair level. Karolyn has also helped in making and altering dresses and skirts for many dancers as well as helping at the used clothing sales.

At the State level, they have helped with decorations, costumes and set-up of the 2013 & 2016 State Conventions. They also served on the Cookbook Fundraising Committee and helped staff the information booth for the ’97 State Convention. They Served on the organizing committee and helped run the fund-raising bazaar held for the 2000 State Convention as well as helping in the sewing room, housing/facilities committee and information booth.

In the support and enjoyment of square dancing, Bob and Karolyn are very proud of the fact that they have attended dozens of State Conventions and most of the Marietta Weekends since becoming square dancers. They attended the National Convention in Indianapolis and the Mid-America Square Dance Jamboree and various Mystery Trips. Other long-distance dancing activities for the Smith’s include dancing in California, Indiana, Michigan, Florida and Kentucky. They have traveled to and danced in Japan where they took dangles representing U.S. and Ohio Square Dancing and exchanged those with Japanese dancers thus promoting the idea of international friendship through square dancing.

It is because of these remarkable accomplishments, the Central Ohio Council of Dance Clubs Honoree Committee has chosen Bob and Karolyn to represent us as our Honoree Couple.

Bill and Gayle Uhl were the Westerville Promenaders 2017 Honoree Couple. The Uhls began square dancing lessons in 1973 with the Matteson Illinois Swing-Thru’s, and danced with that club for several years, and have been dancing for over forty years.

There is a cute story of how Gayle got Bill to go with her to square dance lesson. It seems Gayle read in the newspaper that there was going to be square dance lessons on the next Friday night and she was going. Bill’s comment to this information was: ”Not me!” When Friday arrived and time came for the lessons, Gayle got ready to go, took the car keys and started to leave the house. Bill asked, “Where are you going?” She said, “I’m going to square dance lessons, with or without you!” Bill knew that sometimes Gayle is ‘directionally challenged’ …she may have driven to Iowa or Chicago! So… Bill went along. They have been a dancing pair ever since.

They danced with the Matteson, IL Swing-Thru’s until 1980 when the caller retired and then danced with other clubs in their area until their children became involved in school activities and band. The Uhls moved to Westerville, Ohio in 1998. They joined the Westerville Promenaders, taking refresher lessons with Bob Daye in Gahanna in the fall/winter of 2002, and officially joined the Promenaders square dance club in September 2003.

Since joining the Promenaders the Uhls have served in several officer positions of the Grand Square, sometime for double terms. They served as Secretary from 2004 to 2006, Vice President from 2009 to 2011, and Presidents from 2011 to 2013. They are the 2016/17 Presidents of the Westerville Promenaders.

They have also been club reporters for The Cues and Tips magazine from 2004 through 2010 and 2014 to 2016, writing many clever and interesting articles when it seems no news was forthcoming. Also included was the researching, compiling, and writing the club’s historical biography which is included on the COCDC’s website.

Bill and Gayle have been assistants in the planning and preparation for the Westerville Promenaders’ Marietta Weekend for three years. They attended Ohio Conventions in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2012, 2013, and 2016. The Uhls participated in the 2013 Columbus Convention, assisting at the reservation desk and selling tickets for fund raising events. They initiated the program for the Promenaders to donate 50% of the money earned in a card game at every club dance to the 2013 Convention fund. In2016, Gayle participated in the early planning for the State Convention and they assisted in the reservation and ticket selling endeavors. Bill and Gayle have attended two Mid-America dances and helped with the tear-down decorations. On the local level, they have participated in over 100 banner activities and are always ready and willing to go dancing, recently expanding their dancing skills by taking round dance lessons.

Whenever there is a need for volunteers, or the use of their vehicle… in the Westerville July 4th Parade, or helping at the Westerville Sr. Center with dismantling the Snowflake Castle to prepare for our club dance, or to pick up students for lessons, or be angels at lessons, you can always count on the Uhls. They always readily volunteer without prodding or pleading. Many of their efforts are done with no fan-fare; they are usually the first to arrive at lessons to rearrange the room we use, setting up tables and chairs, and helping the caller to bring in his equipment and set it up. They do the same thing at the regular dances and are always the last to leave, making certain that the rooms are returned to their regular condition, lights are turned off, and checking with the custodian so he can safely close the building. In June 2016, the Grove City Western Squares held a dance for Relay for Life; the Promenaders had a dance on the same evening. It was Gayle’s suggestion that a collection be taken at the Promenaders’ dance and forwarded to the Grove City Club in support of their dance. Over $80.00 was collected and sent to the Grove City Western Squares.

Gayle had to have foot surgery three times, but that has not stopped them from getting back to dancing or from being supportive from the sidelines. Gayle will recruit prospective dancers to come to lessons wherever she may be, and can work square dancing into any conversation; grocery store, restaurants, card club, church functions ….anywhere! She even talked with people who were attending an LBJ dance about the benefits of square dancing and encouraged them to attend LBJ lessons. The sweet thing is, she gets results. Her positive attitude and superb enthusiasm is contagious. You can’t be around Bill and Gayle Uhl very long without feeling their enthusiasm for square dancing and the friendships it brings. Their continuous support and promotion of square dancing with their positive up-beat attitude, and unending enthusiasm is a model for all dancers.

Lynn LeMaster learned to square dance with Bucks & Does Singles, graduating with the Class of 2005. She has been serving on the Club Board since April, 2007, first serving as Treasurer-Elect (07-08), then Treasurer (08-09), President-elect (09-10), President (10-11), Past President (11-12), Treasurer-Elect (12-13), Treasurer (13-15) and now President (15-16).

Lynn has served on several committees for special dances: Columbus Relay for Life Dances, the Tony Oxendine Dance, Bethlehem on Broad Street Charity Dances and Yellow Rock Dances. She was the first to schedule a bus trip to Lubeck, WV for Keith & Karen Rippeto’s Relay for Life Dance in April, 2007 and continued to organize and promote that annual event for Bucks & Does for five more years.

Lynn has been the Class Coordinator for Bucks and Does lessons since September, 2010. That duty entails creating a class schedule, collecting information on the New Dancers, keeping attendance records of them and the Angels, giving weekly tips to the New Dancers and keeping the New Dancers informed of the square dance world.

Lynn comes early to help set up for classes and dances. Since the club moved out of First Congregational Church in Downtown Columbus in June of 2012, she has maintained the club supply basket needed for dances. She has been entrusted with the key to Gahanna Community Congregational Church.

Lynn is currently serving her second term for the Central Ohio Corporation of Dance Clubs (COCDC) as Vice President for 2014-16 (first term was 2012-14). She attends the 6 meetings per year and runs the meeting in the President’s absence.

Lynn was a member of the 2013 Ohio Dance Convention Committee and served as the Registration Chair for that Convention. She processed 694 pre-registrations, deposited payments, and organized the special event lists. She and Tim Hellinger put together a bus trip to square dance in Columbus Friday morning of the Convention. Not only did they fill one bus, but two more! And no one was left behind! Along with Sue Williams, they assigned the Volunteers for the Convention and made table assignments for 300 people eating at the Mike Albert as Elvis Dinner Show. She continues to serve as a member of the 2016 Ohio Dance Convention Committee and is the Registration Chair, Tour Bus Leader and Volunteer Coordinator again for that Convention.

In addition to Bucks & Does, Lynn is also an active member of Hi-Timers. Lynn met her significant other, Tim Hellinger, at the Snowball Dance in February, 2006. Together, they started a square dance club in their new town of Granville: The Maple Leaf Squares in September, 2011.

We don’t know of any person in the Central Ohio area who works harder or is more dedicated to promoting square dancing and square dancing activities. She contributes hours of her time every week to make the square dance world just a little bit better. She is a great candidate for this honor and we highly recommend her to represent Central Ohio!

Our 2015 Honorees are Larry and Tahna Pasqua of the Westerville Promenaders. The Pasquas have been dancing since 1980. Larry was introduced to square dancing in his senior year (1958) at Columbus Mifflin High School. James Janard (Singing Caller State Champion, two years running) introduced it and taught it at school dances.

In 1977, Tahna and Larry moved to Brattleboro, Vermont. They started taking lessons about three years later. They joined the Green Mountain Squares, a plus club. While in Vermont they served as club secretaries, participated in east coast conventions and special dances, and took part in many banner activities before moving back to Westerville.

The Pasquas joined the Promemaders in the fall of 1990 when the club danced at the Grange Hall in Westerville. Over the years, they have served multiple stints as Secretaries, Treasurers, Banner Chairs, and Vice Presidents (responsible for scheduling callers and cuers) to the club. They have participated in over fifty banner events, demos, mystery trips, and Burr Oak / Marietta weekends. Larry has entertained the Marietta crowd in numerous comedy skits over the years and frequently handles hall and refreshments setup at club dances.

The Pasquas earned their first Angel dangle (for lesson attendance) in Vermont and have helped with lessons ever since. They have attended and/or participated in many state conventions. They have served on registration teams, sold raffle tickets, and helped other teams as needed. They always attend the Snow Ball dance and Honoree dance when in town and have helped with setup and refreshments. They have held demo dances at their church and have arranged to make the church available for “NEST” demos and a convention potluck thank-you picnic.

Larry has served on or headed up the Westerville Promenaders audit team five times. He has participated in the club Constitution Review Team three times, and has represented the club in dealing with the Premenaders liability insurance contract, their IRS filings, and State of Ohio non-profit status filings. In addition, he is the club liaison and handles contractual issues with the Westerville Senior Center.

Tahna and Larry do many things behind the scenes and are always ready to step in to assist when needed or asked. They support not only the Promenaders, but square dancing in general, and their experience and knowledge is very valuable to the club.

The Pasquas shared that they appreciated the club’s support through prayer and encouragement as they went through cancer treatments. Congratulations to Larry and Tahna for being named our COCDC Honoree couple for 2015.

Tom & Erma Wolf of Grove City Western Squares are the COCDC Honoree Couple for 2014. In the nineteen years that they have square danced, they have served their clubs (Tracktown Shirts & Skirts and Grove City Squares) in many capacities, including years as banner chairs and COCDC representatives. Every year they can still be found serving as angels for new dancers. They support GCWS in many additional ways including serving as greeters, working the desk selling tickets and collecting money, bringing refreshments, setting up the food table, cleaning up during and after dances, and always thanking the visiting dancers for attending their club dances. They do all this work with the biggest smiles and pitch in to help others when needed without being asked.

Tom & Erma have also done much to support the larger dance community. Oftentimes, you can find them helping out when they attend other club’s dances, cleaning up, helping to put away chairs, and helping the caller and cuer to carry out their equipment. They joined The Heart of Ohio Traveling Squares in 1999, a camping square dance club in which they were active for several years. They have traveled to dances all around our nation to help support square dancing. They served as a sponsor for Mid America Square Dances in Louisville, Kentucky. They have attended numerous square dance weekends, national conventions and state conventions. Often they have served in a helping role in some way. If they see a need, they are the first to step-up and take on the job with a smile without even being asked.

This couple has served on several COCDC council committees including the Honoree Dance Committee and Toys for Tots Committee along with many other dances for several years. They have been very active supporting the Relay for Life Dance bus trips to Lubeck, W.Va. They always volunteered to sell raffle tickets and split-the-pot tickets, and then volunteered to help with setting up the buffet dinner, and worked on clean-up until the job was completed. One could always count on them to serve on the planning committee for the Relay for Life Dances in Columbus. Their contributions of food and support made the load lighter for all dancers. Often times, this couple would jump in and help with the annual Bucks & Does Charity Dance to benefit the less fortunate by selling tickets and working at the food table all the way to the final clean-up.

In 2005, they served to help with the Labor Day weekend Dance-A-Rama Dance Festival sponsored by Single Square Dancers USA when it was held in Columbus. Although they were not members of the sponsoring club, they worked the desk, collecting money, selling tickets, and providing directions for out of town dancers. In 2006, they stepped up to promote Dance-A-Rama in Rochester, New York by providing a place for dancers to meet the tour bus, opening up their home to allow dancers to use all the needed conveniences, serving coffee at their own expense, and providing a safe place for dancers to park their cars while traveling and participating in the convention activities. And of course, they traveled on the bus to the convention. Their great sense of humor added to the fun to make the long bus trip more enjoyable. As a result of their dedication and continuous hard work in our square dance community, they were awarded the Yellow Rock Award at the Yellow Rock dance in November 2011.

This couple stepped up and took on the role of Hospitality Chair for the 2013 State Convention. That volunteer role required them to attend a couple of years of planning meetings for the convention. They were instrumental in helping to set-up the Coffee & Cookies with Columbus, a marketing activity for the 2013 State Convention, at the 2012 State Convention in Akron. They helped with the set-up, served as one of several hostesses to ensure that the guest’s needs were met, and talked with visitors about the upcoming convention. Then, they returned and helped with the convention after party for all Columbus dancers in the same event room. While in Akron in 2012, they worked the registration table for the 2013 State Convention providing relief for other workers to leave the table. Then, they attended several skit practice sessions and joined in the skit in 2012 to promote the 2013 convention in Columbus.

This couple’s role for the 2013 State convention did not stop with their job description. They used their personal connections and got the tee shirt for the convention designed and printed so that the committee would have a model shirt to work with at no expense to the planning committee. Their thoughtfulness saved a lot of time with a job well done. They both spent a lot of time manning the front table giving up valuable dance time of their own to answer all kinds of questions and to help sign dancers up for extra activities. Their help saved the day by providing quality service. This couple also helped with the fund raiser dances by showing up with extra supplies and extra ice cream for several of the ice cream fund raiser dances. Most often, they furnished raffle items for the fund raising raffles without being asked. Their thoughtfulness shows how much they do and think about how to promote our square dance activities!

The COCDC is proud to present our 2013 Honorees: Mary Galentine and Dennis Budinski.

Two different clubs, the Bucks & Does and Orbiting Squares, selected this couple as their club honorees. Dennis began square dancing in September 2000 by taking lessons with the jointly held class sponsored by the two clubs. He joined the Bucks & Does the following year and has been a member of that club ever since. He currently is serving as Treasurer and previously served seven terms as Treasurer or Treasurer-Elect. He has been a member of Orbiting Squares since 2007. He has performed numerous magic shows, including one at Orbiting’s New Year’s Eve dance in 2002 and annually at the BAD’s charity dance. His magic show brings happiness and amazement to all who watch. He audited the club’s financial records (for a year when he was not the Treasurer). He is in his eleventh year as angel for the BAD’s class and his fourth year as an angel for Orbiting.

Mary became a member of the square dance community in September, 2001 when she began taking lessons with the jointly held class sponsored by the same two clubs. She brought two other people with her to begin lessons. One of them is still dancing today. Currently she is the Past-President of the Bucks & Does, having previously served as Secretary-Elect, Secretary, President-Elect (2X) and President (3X). She is in her eighth year as angel for the BAD’s class and her fourth year as angel for Orbiting’s class. She has been a major recruiter of new students for all clubs, including recruiting through her connection with Parents Without Partners, obtaining radio advertisements through radio DJ Woody Johnson of “Woody and the Wake Up Call”, and initiating square dance demos at the Franklin County Fair. She has attended COCDC meetings to present her ideas about recruitment, and has served as the Chairperson of the Publicity/ Recruitment Committee. She has been instrumental in planning local Relay for Life Dances (2008 through 2012) and organizing the bus trips to Keith Rippeto’s Relay for Life dances in Lubeck, WV (2007 through 2012). She is an innovative thinker with a lot of good ideas and the energy and enthusiasm to put her ideas into action. She made the arrangements for the Country Living Fair demos (2008 through 2012). Her creative & innovative thinking was instrumental in starting the Pre-Snowball workshops and continuing the annual Yellow Rock dance after another club bowed out.

Both Dennis and Mary are active members of both the Bucks & Does and Orbiting Squares and regularly attending club dances and banner steals and retrieves, bringing refreshments, etc. Dennis has attended 127 banner activities and Mary has attended 111 banner activities for the BADs. He has attended 84 banner activities and she has attended 72 banner activities for Orbiting Squares. Both have served on the Nominating Committee and as Banner Chairmen for the BADs. Both often help put banners, tables, chairs and fans away following classes and dances. Both have worked as volunteers at a beverage booth at the Columbus Arts Festival to help COCDC raise needed income. Both have attended the Ohio Dance Conventions in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Akron, and Aurora; the Indiana State Convention; and the National Dance Convention in Charlotte, NC. Also, both attended the National Singles Square Dance Conventions in Columbus; Rochester, NY; Nashville, TN; Davenport, IA; Alexandria, VA; and Indianapolis, IN. Both have shown themselves to be very capable in carrying out the many duties of all of the offices that they have held. Both served as the co-Chairpersons in charge of the 53rd Ohio Dance Convention which was held in Columbus in 2013.

Congratulations to Dennis Budinski and Mary Galentine for being selected our 2013 Honorees.

Congratulations to our 2012 Honorees, Nancy Swanberg and Dave Sewell. Little Brown Jug Singles nominated them, and the Honorees from past years selected them as this year’s Honorees. Below is a summary of their accomplishments:

Nancy graduated from lessons in Lima, Ohio in 1983. She and her husband were Honor Couple for the Midwestern Council in 2005 having served as Club Historian, Banner Chairman, President & Vice President for many years. On the council level Nancy’s leadership included Club Representative, Secretary and Editor of the Square Hi-Lites magazine. In 2007 Nancy (now a widow) moved to the Columbus area and joined Hicks & Chicks and Little Brown Jug Singles. She has served as Banner Chair, Council Representative, and is currently President of LBJ. Since 2009 she has been COCDC Secretary and since 2010 she has been Publicity Chairman for the 2013 State Convention Committee. She has attended 4 Nationals, 3 Singles, and 25 State Conventions.

Dave’s dancing career started at age 9 in Ms. Langlet’s clogging class in Sioux Falls, SD. For about 3 years he had fun participating in demos at nursing homes and county fairs. He reentered the dance world here 3 years ago to expand his social life; joined his first club (LBJ) and became Treasurer, joined a second club (Bucks & Does), and danced 2 – 3 times a week all around Columbus. He became so popular that recruiting was easy and he drew many new dancers to the various clubs that he angeled. After only one year of round dancing he began recruiting and angeling in two different rounds clubs too. He has attended at least 30 banner raids, 2 State Conventions, 2 Singles National Conventions, and 1 National Convention.

Together Nancy & Dave have participated in many demos, recruited new dancers and have energized their clubs.

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