COCDC News September 2018

COCDC News September 2018

COCDC NEWS – September 2018

Wow! Where did the summer go? I know many of you were out dancing all summer beginning with the National Convention. We were not able to attend this year, but I heard from many of you how much fun you had in spite of the scorching temperature outside.

There’s been a lot going on in Council this summer. As many of you know, Ray Owens has entered the local square dance community in the past year or so and has jumped in to help many clubs rebuild their current website or build a completely new one if the club didn’t already have one.

In cooperation with COCDC, Ray has also developed the website Columbus Square Dance Center at to give central Ohio dancers access to not only local club dances and specials but also surrounding areas, as well as conventions and special events pertaining to western square dancing. The new site is an all-inclusive site with all Central Ohio Club listings of their dances and class information. The new calendar on the site gives you all the information you need to find a dance in the Council area and beyond.

COCDC has begun using this new calendar as their official member club calendar. Beginning this dance year each club will be responsible for entering their own dance information on the calendar and be responsible for checking it periodically to make sure the information is correct. If you have a change of caller or cuer or location, you will be able to go in and change the information yourself. Ray is available if you have questions or need other information changed on his website such as class information. He has a great tutorial video on how to navigate and utilize filters on the calendar.

I’m sure all of you have seen Ray at your dance or special event taking pictures and videos. Please check out the photo library at – it’s amazing!

Ray has also set up an online payment option for various payment needs from club dues to convention registration to selling items that clubs or Council has to offer. Please visit to see what he has set up to help those of us that prefer online payments and simplicity in registering for special events.

COCDC has also asked Ray to rebuild our website. You can see the “work in progress” at Once we’re all good to go, the COCDC and Columbus Square Dance sites will link to each other. The Council site will include Council related news and information such as Honorees, Award Programs, meeting minutes, etc. Let us know what you think of the new site.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Rob Stampfli for his many years and hundreds of hours of dedication in developing our website many years ago and maintaining it so perfectly during those years. In the short time I have worked with him he has been so helpful and generous with anything the Board and I have asked of him. He would change or enter information within minutes of notifying him. I learned a great deal from him and truly appreciate everything he has done for the central Ohio square dance community and Council. Rob and Ray’s dedication and love of this activity is what our dance community is about. We support each other and promote the activity to keep it alive and help others see what fun it is!

We also have had several calls for demonstrations throughout the area. We were invited to the Ohio State Fair and had a great showing of dancers – 3 squares to be exact! Even though it proved to not be in the best location for people to find us we had a great time with Gary Kincade at the helm. I want to thank Gary and all the dancers for your support. We also want to thank the 22 dancers who participated in the other square dance demo on Senior Day at the fair with Mark Johnson and Velma Doyle calling. We also will be dancing at the Millersport Corn Festival and Country Living Fair in September and Oakland Park Nursery for their Fall Festival in October. I know many clubs also have other demos scheduled. These are fun activities and we appreciate your support.

Everyone will be starting their classes this month which is very exciting. It’s always a mystery as to how many will show up on the first night but we are usually pleasantly surprised when people start coming through the doors. Recruitment and retention is so crucial this time of year. If anyone needs help or has suggestions, please call or email me. I’d love to hear from you. Remember to always make it fun and make them feel welcome – that is what we are about.

Council will also be reviewing our current Honoree process at a special meeting being held on September 13th. This is open to member club Presidents and representatives. I hope to see everyone represented so come prepared for round table discussion with your ideas and concerns. Pat & Dick Liston work very diligently on this program and we appreciate all their years of dedication. Please remember that your club nominations will need to be submitted late this fall. Watch for Pat’s email with information.

It’s also time to think about your club insurance. Velma Doyle is our Insurance Chair and will be sending information and due dates soon. It is important to remember that if you have new members you must let Velma know right away so they can be added to your policy. Also if you have a demo or dance at a different location other than your normal dance location you must also let Velma know so you can get a certificate for that location or you will not be covered.

Remember Council dues are due by September 5th (meeting night). Dues must be paid by this date for voting rights and for your club’s schedule to be included on the printed schedule. If you are unable to attend this meeting or bring a check, another new option is paying on the website listed above – There is a small convenience fee but to some this is a more convenient way of paying.

Please put our annual Toys for Tots Charity dance on your schedule now because you know how busy we get during the holidays. It will be on Sunday, December 9th from 2-5 with Tom Davis and Dave Stuthard calling a hi-lo dance. We will have a used clothing sale and are always in need of donations. So when you do your fall closet cleaning remember us for western and square dance apparel.

Lastly, I want to welcome Hi-Timers as our newest member club. Welcome Aboard! That makes us 15 clubs strong!

Yellow Rocks,

Pat Jones